Directory Listing Accuracy

Here at The Irish Pub Hub, we aim to compile the most complete and accurate listing of Irish Pubs throughout, not just Ireland, but the world.

The granting and renewal of liquor licences to Irish pubs world wide is a very fluid process so we are taking every precaution possible so that the Irish Pub Hub can carry out its mission statement; which is to compile and maintain a complete and accurate representation of all Irish pubs around the globe.

This task will take some time and so we request your patience and understanding in these early days.

Rough estimates suggest that there may be as many as between 17,000 – 25,000 Authentic Irish Pubs around the world. We have even heard it suggested that there are nearly 100,000, however, as the Irish Pub is such a desired destination, there are many non-authentic Irish Pubs.

One report by Irish Pub Company estimated that every year 100 new Irish Pubs are fitted out. This, combined with the fact that many Irish Pubs cease trading, or change ownership, it is possible that the information that we have gathered may be incomplete, inaccurate or out of date.

If you find this to be the case we would be grateful if you could inform us so that we may update our records.

We have an online form at XXXX where you can share your knowledge.

Individual Profile Content

We at The Irish Pub Hub are not responsible for the content or accuracy of content displayed on Premium Members’ Profile Pages. These pages are operated and maintained by the relevant Pub Owners or their representatives.

We do take your experience seriously.
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