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The Irish Pub Hub aim to deliver the most comprehensive list of all Irish Bars worldwide.
From our research, most directory services only account for, at most, 50% of all bars that are out there.  Our commitment to you is to compile, collate and develop the most complete list of Irish Bars available; to ensure that your Irish Pub is properly represented. This of course will be a mammoth task , yet we are committed to supporting you in every way until every Irish Pub around the world is accurately accounted for. We want to thank you for you patience.


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Just take a look below at what we currently offer; and then imagine what we can achieve together moving forward into the future.


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Included will be the option to publish,

  • Full Contact Details including
    • Email
    • Website
    • TripAdvisor
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • YouTube
  • A comprehensive narrative about your venue
  • Upload a PDF file such as a Menu, Brochure.
  • Upload Unlimited Photos to your Gallery (Premium Only)
  • Post Events / Gigs
  • Post to our Blog Page
  • and much more as we develop the site.

We have big plans to HELP YOU and your potential new customers!
This will be backed up by a Mobile App. which is currently in development.


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We have compared other directory sites, most of which, for a basic listing, can start from €250 per year, some as high as €2,000.

For additional features a further cost may be incurred.

With the Irish Pub Hub there are NO HIDDEN EXTRAS at a ridiculously low annual registration fee!

We have 3 main Packages on offer.

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Our basic packages provides you with the option to create a profile of your most important details of your Irish Pub.


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With this option you have unlimited access to all features of the Irish Pub Hub both now and into the future.


Pay As You Go:

Offering all the features and benefits of our Premium Subscription only payment is not automatically renewing, giving you more choice and control.


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Most directory services are filled with advertising designed to create revenue for the site owner and often have little or no relevance to the listing owner’s business.

In our experience this makes these sites cluttered and not very user-friendly; which in our opinion is a big turn-off.

For site visitors we only intend providing advertising from services complimentary to your business, i.e., taxis, fast-food outlets etc.,  and even at that they will be kept to a minimum.

For Irish Pub owners, once logged in you may see advertising from services and businesses catering to Irish Pub owners

We will of course also include any logo’s etc. from corporate sponsors once on-board.

Google Analytics User DashboardAt the Irish Pub Hub we have integrated Google Analytics so that you can see your site statistics on your account dashboard whenever you log in.

At the Irish Pub Hub we will be actively marketing this site to reach as wide a viewership as possible.

We will be expanding our directory to included ALL IRISH PUB’S throughout the world, and not just in Ireland.

We will link with other organisations and agencies to spread the experience that can only be found in a true Irish Bar.

If you would like to Register NOW, please contact our Business Development Team at [email protected] and we will take it from there.

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