Irish Bar Search Facility

We want your Irish Pub to be found.

If you are the owner of an Irish Pub and would like to avail of our Complimentary search facilities, then please contact our Business Development Team Leader at and we will take it from there..


The advantage of our Complimentary search facility is that, people wishing to locate an Irish Pub will be able to enter specific search criteria to find their perfect Irish Pub Experience.

Additionally, we are developing a mobile App to allow visitor’s to your area find you using Geo-Location technology.   Apart from subscribing as as a premium member, the only way to be included in the App. directory will be to included in our Complimentary search facility.

We would like you to be included in their search results!

Irish Pub Hub - Search Facilities

Remember, this is a Complimentary service!
Just contact our Business Development Team Leader at and we will take it from there.

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If you are an Irish Pub owner, and would like to register your details, please click HERE.

In order to protect the security and data of our Irish Pub owners, all users must be approved, and so one of our Business Development Team will contact you to verify authorisation to manage an account.

Once verified, you will be provided with access to manage your account.

If you are not an Irish Pub owner, then we are equally happy to have you on board our growing family.