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All your locals know how good your pub is… Now it`s Time To Let The World Know!

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We aim to offer what we believe to be the most comprehensive list of all Irish Bars worldwide.

From our research, most directory services only account for, at most, 50% of all bars that are out there.  Our commitment to you is to compile, collate and develop the most complete list of Irish Bars available; to ensure that your Irish Pub is properly represented. This of course will be a large task , yet we are committed to supporting you in every way until every Irish Pub around the world is accurately accounted for. We want to thank you for you patience.


When you invest in a premium account with us, you get FAR MORE THAN YOU EXPECTED.

We effectively offer you your own, template based, fully featured website!

Included will be the option to publish,

  • Full Contact Details including
    • Email
    • Website
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  • A comprehensive narrative about your venue
  • Opening Hours
  • Menus 
  • Photo Gallery
  • Event / Gig Listing
  • Your own Domain Name
  • and much more as we develop the site.


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We have big plans to HELP YOU and your potential new customers!
This will be backed up by a Mobile App. 



We have compared other directory sites, most of which, for a basic listing, start from €200 per year, some as high as €2,000. 

For additional features a further cost may be incurred.

With the Irish Pub Hub there are NO HIDDEN EXTRAS at a ridiculously low annual registration fee!


Online Marketing

  • Phone Books and other premium business directories, both paper and online can charge from €128 to €5000 per listing; and that`s just nationwide.
  • Custom websites can start from €1,800.
  • Basic brochure style websites sites may start at €199 for a single page.
  • Template based websites normally start from as low as €99, many as high as €599.
  • DIY websites cost approx. €80; from  €10 for domain name and €70 for hosting.
Offline marketing is even worse!
  • Flyer drops cost hundreds, and yield little or no return!
  • Newspaper advertising can run into thousands, again for little or no return.

In real terms, we can think of no other directory, advertising or web hosting service that is as feature rich and cost-effective as the Irish Pub Hub



Most directory services are filled with advertising designed to create revenue for the site owner.

In our experience this makes their sites cluttered and not very user-friendly, which in our opinion is a big turn-off.

We only intend letting advertising for services relevant to your business, i.e., taxis, fast-food outlets etc., on our site, and even at that they will be kept to a minimum.

We will of course also include any logo’s etc. from corporate sponsors once onboard.



Again, with many other directory services including so much advertising, let’s not forget, this advertising is also on YOUR PROFILE PAGE!

This may be OK for these site owners, however, we feel that if you, as a loyal contributor, pay good money for YOUR PROFILE PAGE then it should not be advertising anyone’s products or services but yours. *

You have paid for it – It is YOUR PAGE!

This will be YOUR SITE, free to do with it as you please! **

Our primary purpose is to help you get your business noticed!

* We will retain a small, discreet link to the Irish Pub Hub at the bottom of the page.
** Terms & Conditions Apply




Other directory services may provide you with statistics relating to your profile views, however, these are all provided annually.

At the Irish Pub Hub we aim to provide you with the option of including your own tracking code so you can access your site statistics whenever you want.



At the Irish Pub Hub we will be actively marketing this site to reach as wide a viewership as possible.

We will be expanding our directory to included ALL IRISH PUB’S throughout the world, and not just in Ireland.

We will link with other organisations and agencies to spread the experience that can only be found in a true Irish Bar.



Ok, it may be additional but it’s not hidden!


Many Irish Bars still do not have their own web presence.

We would like to help you with this.

For an additional €10 (approx based on current domain pricing) per year, we will register a ‘.info’ domain name
of your choosing for you and point it to your profile page.

for example,

(other domains such as .IE could cost considerably more)

(Terms and Conditions Apply)

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