Tampa couple marry in Irish pub where they had their first date

Congratulations to Daniel McNeill and Cecilia Moreno were married yesterday, Wednesday 25th November 2015 in Irish pub where they had their first date.

Here’s the report by the Tampa Bay Times,

By Hanna Marcus, Times Staff Writer
Wednesday, November 25, 2015 2:17pm

Tampa couple marry in Irish pub where they had their first date

Daniel McNeill and Cecilia Moreno celebrate after getting married at Four Green Fields on Wednesday. Many guests who attended wore kilts at the pub.

TAMPA — Behind the green door and under the thatched roof of Four Green Fields pub, two people, one in white and the other in a green-blue kilt, leaned in, whispered their vows and kissed to seal the deal.

Daniel McNeill and Cecilia Moreno were married Wednesday at noon in front of about 70 people, some in kilts and sporting long beards, others speaking with Hispanic accents.

The Tampa couple chose the pub on Platt Street for their ceremony because it’s where they’d ended their first date over drinks.

It was the pub’s first official full-scale wedding.

“This place has been a big part of our lives,” McNeill, 34, said, adjusting his tartan, a plaid cloth representing his family’s clan.

Underneath his kilt, a ceremonial dagger was strapped to his right thigh.

“We had our first drink over there,” said Moreno, 35, pointing toward the front of the pub. “This means a lot to us.”

The wedding was casual and cultural. Cuban decor hung outside to honor Moreno’s background, and plenty of dark Irish beer was raised inside.

On a small stage in the corner, the two read their vows to each other, the tartan tying their hands together.

McNeill stared at Moreno while he pledged his honor and loyalty to her. Halfway through reading her own vows, Moreno choked back tears.

McNeill leaned in, smiling coyly, so he could hear the rest of his bride’s whispered words.

“They’re such a fun, good couple,” said Winfield Boggs, a decade-long friend of McNeill who was also outfitted in a kilt. “They’re pretty much perfect for each other.”

The couple chose the date in part because family and friends were already traveling to Tampa for Thanksgiving, but mostly because it was McNeill’s 34th birthday.

That way, McNeill joked, he’d never forget their anniversary.

After the vows, he draped his family tartan over Moreno’s shoulder.

She was officially a McNeill.

Guests helped move the flower-covered trellis out of the way for the first dance, and with foreheads pressed together, the newlyweds swayed beneath the pub’s green and white paraphernalia, McNeill mouthing the words to the Irish folk song Red Is the Rose.

“You choose the rose, love, and I’ll make the vow,” the song goes. “And I’ll be your true love forever.”

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