The 26 Oldest Businesses in Ireland

The 26 Oldest Businesses in Ireland I just came across a very interesting article where they have compiled the first list of the 26 oldest businesses in Ireland, or to be more fair, the oldest businesses in each of the 26 counties. 10 of the businesses listed are… You guessed it, Irish Pubs! You can… Read more »

The Irish Pub Film

The Irish Pub Film The Irish Pub film consists of interviews with pub owners all over Ireland about what makes their pub special. This film is not about the recession. It is about passion. From the first pub I filmed, I was completely overwhelmed by the interest the Irish pub owner took in their pub… Read more »

Welfare Wednesday

What are your thoughts on this. Seems that a Dublin Pub has been promoting low priced pints on a Wednesday, the day unemployed people in the area collect their welfare payments. This did not seem to go down well with some people, however strongly defended by the owner. Would love to know your thoughts.  … Read more »

21 pubs in Ireland you must visit before you die

WHAT MAKES A great pub? It’s like trying to pin down what makes a good boyfriend or girlfriend. At the end of the day, you just know. Found this in The Journal. 21 pubs in Ireland you must visit before you die

30 New Irish Pubs to Open

Great news with the announcement from Wetherspoons that, despite the economic doom and gloom, they are proposing to open a chain of 30 Irish Pubs here in Ireland.   Check out the link on Irish Central.

Why Do People Go To An Irish Pub?

Just looking at Bord Faillte’s reports into the 4 countries from where we receive most visitors, and why they come here.USA, UK, Germany & France. In every case the main reason why people visit Ireland #1: The Irish People (43% – 49%)#2: The Irish Culture (33% – 39%)and in 2 cases#3: The Irish Pub (UK 23%… Read more »

Will you cook my Pizza?

Funniest thing ever! This woman has just come into the bar with a frozen pizza and asked if we’d put it in the microwave for her. A bit strange but we put it in anyway. When it was cooked we asked what she wanted to drink. She holds up a bottle of cordial and said… Read more »